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remixes of e:trinity
black eyed peas
[e:trinity tropikal junglist remix]
[1998] e:trinity mixes bep as dnb

"say you'll stay"
[e:trinity subterranean dub remix]   
> mp3
[2000] kai's r+b ballad in the rub-a-dub stylee

elie (feat. tegancat)
"another party song"

[e:trinity 2-step garage remix]  
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[2000] canadian female vocal group gets the 2-step treatment

"next time"
[e:trinity 2-step garage remix] 
> mp3
[2001] bay area female vocal group also gets the 2-step treatment

"missing you"
[e:trinity deep house remix] 
> mp3
[2001] freestyle's ballad served deep house style

rex navarrete
"let's party like it's 1904"

[e:trinity dumb hard house remix]  > mp3

[2001] made famous on the website on such sites as "homer: bebubebududeh" and "batman: bebubebududeh."
more sites here. [e:trinity's username on is "SilentAndroid."]


"the sound"
[o.r.g. remix]
  > mp3

norwegian producer/remixer o.r.g. offers his reinterpretation of the track