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nov 2002

page 66

here: north america
e:trinity: the artist also known as elson
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"I started doing electronic music back in the mid-'80s. I would always go to music stores after school and play with the keyboards."



#5 [fall] 2001

page 55

embryolk:music [reviews]

"Elson Trinidad's e:trinity creates a clever electronic fusion of world and modern music...worth a listen "

-- Mickey Mao


sept 2001

page 36

beats per minute: electronica
and beyond
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“In an era in which the sampler is the latest instrument of cultural capitalism, it’s refreshing to hear a musician who instead treats his sources with respect and uses music as a means of establishing identity. Aside from that, his production skills are solid…check this one out.”

-- Brock Philips


jul/aug 2001

page 174

two step - 12" reviews - e:trinity "st:ep"
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"If two-step is dance music's next genre to blow up, then e:trinity (aka Los Angeles' Elson Trinidad) is poised to be its first American star...Crisp production, original ideas and, most of all really nice beats are what makes this one shine..."

-- Monty Luke

pacific ties
fall 1999

page 30

album review - e:trinity

"This CD put together by the one man group, e:trinity, is music in its truest form. It exemplifies what musicians nowadays should be doing which is using their instruments as a vehicle of expression...Musician/producer Elson Trinidad compiles a package worthy of rave and self empowerment."

-- Yvette Cuenco


stateside (tfc tv)
march 29, 2003

interview - e:trinity

watch on
january 2002
e:trinity is interviewed by again, this time on the making of various shades of blue and the technical aspects of creating electronic music.

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"For most electronic music, especially dance music, you really need a sequencer and/or drum machine. If you reproduced it with a live drum kit and guitars and bass guitars, it's not going to sound the same."
august 2001's allan g. aquino does an in-depth review of "various shades of blue."

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"...quite original, inventive rather than derivative...get a hold of Various Shades of Blue and listen to it. Really listen to it. Who knows, you just might find yourself entranced as I am."
june 2001
e:trinity is interviewed in the philippines by

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"It's funny 'cos everybody thinks I DJ, and I don't DJ...I think it would be cool to DJ, just to introduce new kinds of music to people...
but I don't have a lot of room for a record collection..." for men
may 2001's adam figert rates "the dreams that we dream" #3 in their chart of the top 10 "bedroom tracks..."

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"e:trinity has made an incredible chilled out groove song that is every bit as good as any Kruder and Dorfmeister or Thievery Corporation song. This one would fit in perfect on a car ad on a rainy day. Heavy bass is soaked between lazy breaks and all sorts of awesome synth pads, sweeps, and arpeggios. Listen to this when you're feelin lazy." /
may 2001
e:trinity is interviewed at a "hollywood party" for the webzine

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"I love sampling and when people do it, I don't mind. As long as they are creative. If you sample a top 40 tune that was popular 15 years ago and you add your own lyrics to it, forget that. Most of what I sample is stuff not many people have heard before, and in most cases isn't really available in the US. In the rare instance I'll sample something vaguely familiar, I'll at least chop it up or process it to the point where it's not easily recognizable..."
january 2001 does an article on e:trinity's visit to the philippines.

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"This visit is a chance for those who otherwise can't see my shows in the US, to hear my music and see me play," he says. "It would be nice to make my mark in the Philippines, but I'm still very committed to making Filipinos in the US more visible, so I can never leave home. But I love to travel."