congratulations barbie!
best wishes and congratulations to barbie chien and her new husband on their wedding on october 9! chien  performed the erhu and pipa on the various shades of blue album and has performed live many times over the years with e:trinity.

e:trinity @ namm 2004
  for the fourth year in a row, e:trinity brings you to the winter namm music products show. check it out here.

e:trinity thanks you
e:trinity will be no more in have your questions answered, please visit our faq page.

    e:trinity t:shirts are here! featuring the green + blue e:trinity "three dots" logo with the "e:trinity" in neuropol font over deep dark blue [just like on the top of this page]. available in s,m,l, xl + xxl [baby tee sizes coming soon]. visit the "merchandise" section for ordering info.

e:trinity ruminates the meaning of his album title while cheesy digital effects are added during his "stateside" tv interview.
kelp conspiracy?
it seems as though e:trinity is accused of cruelty to brown aquatic plant life. is this true? or do you want to just talk about the music? join the insanity on the message board.

anything else?

    let us know if there's any other features or content you like to see on this website. feel free to contact us.
oh baby
now all of e:trinity's cds are available on the popular e-tail site click to order your copy of e:trinity and various shades of blue.

vote for your favorite tune
it has been two years since the release of various shades of blue, surely you must have a favorite track on the album? vote for your favorite song today in the new poll section.

hidden secrets?
it's no secret [or is it?] that e:trinity's various shades of blue album contains a secret track at the end of the album. but like the azure-themed cd, this website contains hidden secret information, obtained by clicking on various items. click in the right places and you'll uncover a treasure trove of trivia on the various shades of blue cd, and behind-the-scenes stories.