e:trinity stretched the usual known boundaries of electronica across the vast pacific ocean and fuses rhythms, samples and timbres from asia resulting in an experience that was as ancient as it was futuristic, culturally enlightening as it was danceable.

    In 1997, e:trinity began experimenting with the sounds of traditional east and southeast asian instruments set to drum ‘n bass and downtempo breakbeats, resulting in music that was as ancient as it was futuristic. the result became a self-titled indie cd released in 1999 which has received airplay and acclaim from new york to los angeles, toronto to houston, portugal to the philippines.

    the cd’s flagship tune, “sinulog2000,” combined elements such as philippine kulintang gongs, sub-sonic basslines, junglist breakbeats and a percussive rhythm loop captured by the artist on a trek to his ancestral motherland of the philippines. the track has been used in promotional shorts, a pbs documentary and an independent film.

    on the album, various shades of blue, e:trinity explored the electronica world even further, again mixing asian sounds with drum n’ bass and downtempo music, but this time also explored the genres of deep house, techno, hip-hop, dub, broken-beat and 2-step garage [of which urb magazine proclaimed e:trinity as being “poised to be [2-step garage’s] first american star”].

    contrary to what you believed or have heard, e:trinity was not a dj, but instead combined the sonic control of a dj with the spontaneity + presence of a live band into a 21st century performance medium called a live p.a. armed with an arsenal of synthesizers, samplers and effects units and joined by a varying lineup of guest musicians, mcs and turntablists. e:trinity has performed around his hometown of los angeles, as well as around the western united states and in southeast asia.

    reportedly dissatisfied with the current state of the world as well as the current state of electronic music, e:trinity in early 2004 announced that he would have his body frozen at a cryonics laboratory with the intention of being unfrozen sometime in the distant future. work on an intended third album was ceased and all recordings handed over to an organization he entrusted to carry on his legacy. his body is currently in a state of suspended animation.